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When Mr Townshend started General and Tube Engineering, his only escape was in the family touring caravan.

He quickly realised that (at that time) spare wheels had to be carried in the gas cabinet at the front, in the caravan itself or worst still, not at all.

Using his own caravan as a template, he designed what is arguably the best caravan spare wheel carrier on the market.

This sounds like a bold statement but here are the reasons:
  1. Easy to fit with the no-drilling required kit, the General and Tube Engineering spare wheel carrier can be fitted in under 30 minutes using regular tools (and no power tools whatsoever)
  2. The kit (unlike our rivals) can be handed - ordinarily, it pulls out to the kerb but if you are travelling on the continent, you can reverse this and pull it out on the opposite side
  3. Zinc coated, giving it exceptional protection from rust
  4. Easy to remove and put back - again, our closest competitors model is renowned for not working after just one season
  5. Built with safety in mind - the General and Tube Engineering spare wheel carrier has been mounted on special lugs that ensure that should you straddle an obstacle in the road, the wheel carrier will detach, preventing damage to the chassis
  6. Thousands sold with no complaints (and lots of repeat customers)
  7. The price is exeptional
Whether you are an occasional user of your caravan or someone who goes out at the Easter bank holiday and doesn't return home until bonfire night, having a spare wheel with your caravan is an essential. Caravan spare wheel carriers come in many shapes and sizes and many different designs but let's face it they have one real function - to carry a spare wheel so that in the event that one of your tyres get's damaged, a new wheel can be fitted and allow you to carry on to your destination.

That said, the General and Tube Engineering spare wheel carrier is more than just a device to carry your spare wheel — it has been designed to provide this service with some essential design features that sets it apart from the crowd:
  1. It fits under the chassis of your caravan, snug under the body to prevent it catching on road obstacles.
  2. It can be handed to be removed easily from either side.
  3. It has a durable zinc coating to prevent rust.
  4. It holds your spare wheel securely and will not wobble, flex or bang about.
  5. It does not damage your spare wheel (we have heard reports of some spare wheel carriers damaging the tyre).
  6. It is fitted without drilling of the chassis and will not void your chassis warranty.
  7. It can be fitted in 30 minutes by anyone competent with regular tools (a set of spanners is all you really need).
  8. It can be fitted to the chassis just behind the axle - helping to reduce the noseweight.
  9. Once people fit one to one caravan, they always come back and fit them to every caravan they buy - this is the greatest accolade we could ask for.
  10. If you have ever broken down and found yourself without a spare wheel - read the above!

Downlad the Caravan Spare Wheel Carriers Fitting Instuction
(jpg. 811kb)

Download the Caravan Spare Wheel Carriers Fitting Illustration
(pdf. 661kb)

The photograph in the scrolling header shows one of Spare Wheel Carriers that has been fitted for over 10 years and it still performs as well as the day it was fitted!


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